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Using Applications/softwares on a local server or a disc maintained by in house IT department on self owned servers is now too mainstream ;)
start ups, enterprise and businesses are increasing using the pay as you go model where all kinds of software-billing, ERPs, HRMs, CRM, customer service etc is hosted on the cloud and operated by third party.
This SaaS Application Model frees them up from concentrating on more business functions and save cost. if you are a software provider, a start up, adopting the SaaS model can be a fruitful business move.
Your users will be get, from SaaS Apps
Will have low upfront cost of ownership because of zero maintenance costs.
Have lower total annual cost of software due to zero maintenance cost.
improved workforce efficiency and collaboration because everything is on the cloud.
No need for disaster recovery plans.
All of the above points contribute towards helping companies increase their user base by making services much more affordable and easily accessible for all users.

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