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Your big product idea should not remain un realized because of lack of resources. Outsource product development and focus on your users

Using software on a disc that is maintained by in house IT department on self owned servers is now passè.

Your big idea is your baby.

You have spent sleepless nights, defied naysayers and walked on broken glass to raise funds and build a team.

You know what the market wants. What remains is execution- turning an idea into a product.

This is a huge hurdle, especially if you don't have the technical capability.

The ideal solution would be to build up your technical capacity. But that takes time. Another solution could be to outsource a part of product development to a technical partner.

But you need to be careful, because outsourcing can blow up in your face if you

  • Don’t research and thoroughly vet your technology partner
  • Are not specific with your requirements
  • Are not willing to pay good money and keep looking for bargains
  • Are aloof from the entire development process
  • Don’t make your partner responsible for future maintenance and upgradation.

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