User Experience (UX) Design

Do you want engaged users and high conversion rates? Give them an intuitive and non-intrusive user interface

Designing a good user experience (UX) is hard work

Regardless of how well your site or app works at the backend it will fail if the front end is not user-friendly.

It is imperative for a User Experience design agency to follow the below-mentioned guidelines in order to build a sturdy framework:

  • Analysing the requirements of the users

  • Documenting competitors' profiles and outcomes on their products

  • Creating personas for better-quality design processes

  • Carrying out continuous testing during the execution stage

  • Collecting and assessing user feedbacks

  • Use conversational copywriting and avoid jargon

  • Finding out and implementing newer means of user engagement

Since UX design is a continuous process, hence a veteran User Experience Consultant will

Know the goals of your users and customers when they interact with you Stay consistent with design patterns

  • Tolerate user error

  • Continuously provide feedback to users

  • Keep the interface simple

  • Use conversational copywriting and avoid jargons

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SunTech Applications: for a user experience that will delight your users

Our process of developing apps and websites is not restricted to coding on the backend. We spend roughly the same amount of time working on the frontend. We have invested heavily in methodologies like responsive design, so that your users can have a superlative and a device agnostic user experience

For over a decade, we have designed a number of apps and sites that have won multiple design awards like:

  • What's more, they have a cumulative count of hundreds of thousands of users.

  • Without great UI design, none of this would have been possible.

  • A slick UX is what keeps users coming back for more. Let's talk and make that happen.

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