WordPress Development

7,547, 067 websites, 65.34% of websites in top 10 million and 53.16% in top 10,000*- you can't go wrong with using WordPress as a CMS

From mom bloggers to massive media sites, everyone loves Wordpress.

While WordPress started off as a simple blogging platform in 2003, it has now grown into a mature, stable and the most widely used CMS on the Internet because of a number of reasons.

  • Is extremely user friendly and non-technical, both to set up and maintain

  • Is built on the philosophy of easy sharing of content, and it does its job brilliantly

  • Can be stripped down to basic functionalities, or scaled up with a number of plug-ins depending on need.

  • Has a very deep talent pool with an active online community and thousands of experienced and talented developers all over the world.

  • Powers a number of authority sites and blogs which creates confidence in the abilities of the platform.

A WordPress user can either pick from hundreds of thousands of plug-ins and themes, or thanks to extensive documentation build something for their own use without paying any licensing fees.

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